Turnkey Pools
VIP Pools & Water Systems provide total “Turn Key Swimming Pools” in Goa. According to clients specifications & needs in Goa, the proposed swimming pool is designed from scratch, machinery & equipment’s supplied on site, pool developed and built, with filtration plant in operation. Client has to just get ready to jump into his/her pool in Goa for a swim. That’s turnkey swimming pools of VIP Pools in Goa.
Swimming Pool Filtration
Swimming pools filtration is serious and skilled work than can be undertaken only by professional swimming pool builders. Major technical decisions such as what type of filtration to use has to be taken. There are Sand pool filters, Cartridge pool filters, Diatomaceous earth (D.E) filters and many more to choose from. VIP Pools suggests always using the expert services of the pool builders itself.
Swimming Pool Engineering
According to VIP Pools & Water Systems of Goa, building any swimming pool involves Structural Engineering and Waterproofing Techniques too. VIP Pools has adedicated team of qualified civil and structural engineers, to commence construction of swimming pools of various types in tune with the demands of the customer’s needs.
Swimming Pool Repairs
Every swimming pool begins to age with use and passage of time. Cracking, hollow spots, occasionally called “pop-ups” and chipping are normal to occur. Also when the plaster tears away, in your pool plaster, then theconcrete can be seen. Most of these pool plaster repairs can be done by VIP Pools & Water Systems in Goa.
Swimming Pool Renovations
In Goa, Swimming pool renovations are also called as remodelling. VIP Pools & Water Systems of Panjim explains that this is not to be confused or mixed with repairing of swimming pools. Renovation or remodelling is the desire to change the design, shape, looks or feel of the swimming pool to something more new and modern in taste.
Chemicals for Swimming Pools
VIP Pools & Water Systems of Goa are Stockists & Suppliers of Swimming Pool Chemicals that are needed for pool water cleaning works. VIP Pools have Pool Cleaning Chemicals, Disinfecting Chemicals and Automatic Chlorine/bromine Off Line Feeders. These chemical products are supplied, delivered and utilized by skilled workers who know how to handle these swimming pool cleansers.
Accessories for Swimming Pools
For a complete and detailed list of Swimming pool accessories please contact VIP Pools & Water Systems. To name and mention a few over here, they are; Filter, Pump, Vacuum head, Underwater lights, Stainless Steel Ladder, Drain pipes, Drain Box, Telescopic pole, Floating host pipe, 2 in 1 Water test kit, Chemical feeding pump, Ozone machine, Water heat & chill pump, Imported pool pumps and many more.
Drinking Water Purification Plant
VIP Pools & Water Systems does installation work of drinking water purification plants anywhere in Goa. Water purification here refers to potable water production from running raw water that is available at source. Water purification is the collective treatment of industrial scale processes that makes the available water to be bottled, for drinking or for medicinal use.
Rain Water Harvesting
VIP Pools & Water Systems would like to educate its website visitors that the “Water Resources Department” (WRD) of Government of Goa has initiated subsidy schemes for rainwater harvesting, storing and usage in Goa. VIP Pools can build different types of rain water harvesting structures such as open bandhara structures, check dams, percolation stand or recharge pits, roof top rainwater harvesting and other as per site or layout demands.
Water Treatment for Factories 
At VIP Pools & Water Systems, Goa we bring you over-all environment solutions such as solid waste management, liquid waste management, Recycling & Reusing solutions, water treatments for industries and factories etc. With over 2 decades of expertise in providing water treatment solutions for homes, hotels, industries & factories, we offer A to Z water treatment solutions under one roof.
De-Mineralizing of Water
The chemical industry and the cosmetic industry of Goa needs demineralized water for their manufacturing processes. Demineralization is basically eliminating all the minerals that can be naturally found in available raw water. VIP Pools & Water Systems explains that due to demineralization process the water is softened by removing the unwanted and undesired excess minerals. VIP Pools & Water Systems provide this specialized service in Goa.
Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems
Reverse osmosis is one of the procedures that makes desalination (or eliminating& eradicating salt from salty seawater) possible. In Goa reverse osmosis is also used for recycling, wastewater treatment and according to VIP Pools can also be used to produce energy.
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